Meet The SSL Store™ Management Team

John Tuncher

Meet John Tuncer, CEO and Founder

Don't let the fact that John Tuncer heads up one of the largest global providers of security certificates fool you. He's never played it safe. From two years spent in the Turkish army, growing sales for a manufacturing company from $100K to $2M, building a chain of jewelry stores and starting a jewelry import business, turning ideas into gold is just a day at the office for this trailblazer... read more

Bill Grueninger

Meet Bill Grueninger, Chief Operating Officer

If you are dealing with SSL, Bill Grueninger is your new best friend. Whether you need pep talks, product knowledge, details on how to position SSL certificates or ideas to leverage them to grow your business…he's on it. He knows the ins and outs of the SSL landscape and navigates our team, partners and customers throughout their dealings with our web security solutions. The entrepreneurial spirit will forever flow through Bill's blood.... read more

Kim Barnard

Meet Kim Barnard, VP of Operations

Kim Barnard has the honor of coordinating efforts between the website designers and programmers, plus making sure the Retail, Enterprise and Partner divisions keep marching to the tune of our strategic plan and she doesn't even break a sweat. She's one of those rare deep thinkers with an artistic flair. After completing programs at the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts and St. Petersburg College Graphic Design Technology .... read more

Parag Mehta

Meet Parag Mehta, Chief Technology Officer

Parag Mehta is a gadget freak – and proud of it. After 14 years, programming still gives him goose pimples and puts his adrenalin into overdrive. Parag has been with theSSLstore since day one and is thrilled to be part of such a passionate, committed team. In addition to designing theSSLstore's industry leading infrastructure, managing the back office and proofing.... read more

Adrian DiNatale

Meet Adrian DiNatale, VP of Technology - US

From an early age, Adrian DiNatale took the bull by the horns—or at that time, his toys by the circuitry. That early hands-on exploration ignited his passion for discovering how things worked. When he was 8, his father brought home a Commodore 64. Fascinated with how he could type a few sentences on the keyboard and have the screen change color or repeat more

Kyle Grueninger

Meet Kyle Grueninger, Director of Channel Operations

As The SSL Store's Director of Channel Operations, Kyle Grueninger is the catalyst behind making sure new and existing global resellers have the marketing support, campaigns, tools and resources they need to knock it out of the park with SSL. Growing up, his passion for writing was channeled mainly through fiction and essays, but it ultimately morphed into effective marketing copy for.... read more

Dan Roehrer

Meet Dan Roehrer, Reseller Account Manager

Dan Roehrer is the Reseller Account Manager at The SSL Store™. He loves coming into work and seeing how his contributions have helped the company, and – more importantly to Dan – his resellers, continue to grow. Dan has a keen eye for problem solving, especially when it relates to maximizing returns. Dan has a keen eye for problem solving, especially when it relates to ... read more

James McGuire

Meet James McGuire, Enterprise New Business Development Manager

James McGuire is the Enterprise New Business Development Manager at The SSL Store™. That's basically a fancy way of saying he helps us grow. James is a goal-driven individual with a passion for building client relationships. While James has a knack for strategic thinking, he's highly adaptable in any situation. James works every day to improve his knowledge of ... read more

Nick Perkins

Meet Nick Perkins, Systems Application Specialist

Nick Perkins is a Systems Application Specialist at The SSL Store™. Nick is a leader, both at his college, the Uinversity of South Florida, and here at work. He's passionate about ensuring that customers are getting a great experience. Nick hates hearing about people... read more

Robert Walters

Meet Robert Walters, Chief Financial Officer

Some people paint by the numbers. Robert Walters is utterly fascinated with success by the numbers. His affection for analysis most likely started when he was a cryptologic technician for the U.S. Navy and he got paid to figure out puzzles. So it's not at all puzzling that today Robert is a whiz at making sure the ‘i's are dotted and that, at the end of the day, everything adds up.... read more

Gaurav Maniyar

Meet Gaurav Maniar, Director of IT

Gaurav Maniar is a rare breed – a techie with real heart. Manuals and technology blogs that would have the average Joe snoring in nanoseconds are like oxygen to Gaurav. As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a Microsoft Certified IT Professional and an ITILv3 Practitioner Gaurav knows his way around technology and how to keep it in humming on all cylinders. But he's just.... read more

Kalepsh Patel

Meet Kalpesh Patel, Internet Marketing Manager

Creating web sites that work as well for users as they do for search engines is no easy task, Kalpesh Patel just makes it look easy. He's been a huge fan of the Internet and new technology since – forever. It didn't take him long after becoming a webmaster to realize that creating a web site is just the first step in building a brand and executing marketing.... read more

Kaushal Patel

Meet Kaushal Patel, IT Development Manager

For most of us, making software do astounding things is just something we dream about. Kaushal Patel does it in his sleep. His favorite book is 'Making Ideas Happen' by Scott Belsky – go figure. With more than seven years experience in commercial software development, backed by a certification list a mile long, few things get Kaushal's blood pumping.... read more

Patrick Nohe

Meet Patrick Nohe, Content Manager

Patrick Nohe is the Content Manager at The SSL Store™. Patrick is a wordsmith who loves finding creative ways to get ideas across. He wants you to think, "I never would have thought to say it like that." Patrick is passionate about SSL because he knows encryption will play a huge part in the future of the Internet. There's never been a better time to invest in web security.... read more

Marina Lee

Meet Marina Lee, Customer Experience Manager

Marina Lee is The SSL Store's™ Customer Experience Department Manager. She's a problem solver, someone who makes your problems her problems, and then solves them for both of you. When she can take an issue that's keeping a customer up at night and fix it for them—that's the most satisfying part of her job. That's why we call her "The Fixer." She can take.... read more

Brianna Bulack

Meet Brianna Bulack, Customer Experience Manager

Brianna Bulack is the assistant manager of our Customer Experience Department. She oversees most of its day-to-day activities, trains our experts and just generally helps us keep things light with her clever quips and positive outlook. What we love about Brianna the most is that she’s not afraid to get down in the trenches with.... read more

Tracy Blalock

Meet Tracy Blalock, Director of Channel Marketing

Tracy Blalock is The SSL Store's Director of Channel Marketing. She helps our resellers turn SSL into a profitable revenue stream–aka see green that goes way beyond the address bar. Tracy sharpened her sales and marketing saw working in the technology field for more than 25 years and has had the.... read more

Vinit Patel

Meet Vinit Patel, I.T. Project Manager

Vinit Patel is The SSL Store's IT Project Manager. He manages project development for new software infrastructure to ensure sufficiency of scope, personnel, resources and organization. That's basically a fancy way of saying that Vinit is an IT rock star. Vinit has a passion for software coding.... read more

Tawni Martin

Meet Tawni Martin, UI/UX Designer

Tawni Martin is The SSL Store's UI/UX Designer. She works with all departments to translate design requirements, strategic marketing and business objectives into compelling user experiences, interaction and design. She says, "Great UI/UX is about problem-solving - adapting to technical abilities and limitations.... read more

Rylan Lambertsen

Meet Rylan Lambertsen, Front-End Developer

Rylan Lambertsen is The SSL Store's Front-end Developer, he is the bridge between our end users and the products we sell. Rylan translates high-fidelity mock-ups into the clickable web pages our customers so enjoy. Rylan has always been into computers, but he cites his first touch-screen phone.... read more

Niels Kuhnen

Meet Niels Kuhnen, President Europe

Niels developed a keen curiosity for how things worked at a young age when he dismantled the toaster and TV. While his parents didn't share his same level of enthusiasm, these early projects evolved into a true passion for technology and problem solving that comes in handy.... read more

Meet The SSL Store™ Customer Experience Team