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CSR Creation Guideline for Microsoft Exchange 2003

Step By Step Information about Microsoft Exchange 2003 CSR Creation

Step 1 – Run 'Internet Information Services' from the Administrative Tools in the control panel.

CSR Creation

Step 2 – You need to select 'Properties' after right-clicking on the website you intend to secure. After that, move forward by selecting the tab of 'Directory Security' and clicking on the 'Server Certificate' button and hit the 'Apply' button.

Microexc03 B SSL

Step 3 – After that, click on 'Create new certificate' and hit on 'next'. Please note, if you are renewing an existing certificate, options of 'Renew', 'Remove' or 'Replace' shall be seen on the window. On choosing the option 'Remove', you can skip steps 5-8.

CSR Creation

Step 4 – Out of the two options given in the window, click on 'Prepare the request now, but send it later' and click on 'Next'.

CSR Creation

Step 5 – Enter certificate's name that you can identify on the server. Choose 2048-bit length from the drop down menu and leave all the other check boxes unchecked.

CSR Creation

Step 6 – Next, enter a full legal name of your company in the space provided. Also fill in the details about your 'Organizational Unit', like 'Security' or 'IT Dept.'.

CSR Creation

Step 7 – Now proceed by entering a fully-qualified domain name of your site like as your 'Common Name'.

CSR Creation

Step 8 – Now, fill in all the details about your organization in the next window, as shown in the image below.

CSR Creation

Step 9 – Next, you need to save your SSL certificate signing request (CSR) at an appropriate location. Choose a file name for the CSR, which should be saved as a text file (.txt).

CSR Creation

Step 10 – To generate the file, proceed by clicking 'Next'.

CSR Creation

Step 11 – After generating the CSR, open it with a text editor like notepad. Copy and paste the content, including the BEGIN and END tags as well in the order form.

A 'pending request' is generated on your website after performing all the above steps, which should not to be deleted. After the certificate issuance, install the certificate to this pending request or else the certificate won't be generated.

Step 12 – Now install the SSL after you receive it from your CA.

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