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ECC Algorithm

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Elliptical Curve Cryptography, or ECC, is the latest enhanced approach to public-key cryptography…say what? Well, as you can imagine, the security environment is constantly changing as hackers become increasingly more sophisticated and consumers expand their reach with mobile devices after mobile devices to carry out transactions and other important stuff a lot more often. Lucky for you, the Internet security juggernaut Symantec™ and its powerful partner, DigiCert, stays ahead of the game by consistently keeping up with threats to continually provide safe, secure & trustworthy online experiences for you and your customers, thus the birth of ECC!

Symantec ECC Algorithm

Harness the Power of Symantec™ Ingenuity

The latest and greatest is finally here in the world of encryption. May not always be the most exciting realm to live in, but a necessary one for sure that easily allows your business to address the explosion of mobile device and tablet use. ECC is approved by the US Government and even endorsed by everyone’s favorite National Security Agency (NSA). ECC technology is based off the idea of using points on a curve to define public & private key pairs. What that really means is, it’s nearly impossible to break using the most common brute force tactics employed by hackers and it provides a much faster solution because it uses far less computing power than traditional RSA-based encryption.

Stronger Security. Better Performance. Mobile Advantage.

With this premium security option only offered by Symantec™ for their Secure Site Pro and Secure Site Pro with EV products, ECC simply provides stronger protection against cyber-attacks than the current traditional methods. It provides better performance because ECC uses a shorter key-length for a higher level of security. To put it bluntly, a 256-bit ECC key provides the equivalent protection as a 3072-bit RSA key would, which means, you get the security you and your customers want without sacrificing performance. The other benefit to ECC is the mobile advantage it provides. Because ECC’s smaller key length means smaller certificates that consume less bandwidth, it will vastly improve the user experience with regard to transactions on small mobile devices as the keep increasing globally.

Symantec Stronger Security

Buy the Best, Be the Best!

ECC is now an option with Secure Site Pro and Secure Site Pro with EV only. This premium option is included absolutely FREE. Just buy today and be safer, faster, lighter and more secure tomorrow.


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